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Selection of Mode of Safe Operation

Jochen Bihl explains how a certified module from Bihl+Wiedemann makes "Selection of mode of safe operation" easier. Using a standard HMI users can safely select up to 5 different operating modes for a maximum of 6 system parts – each with individualized safety functions. Configuring the operating modes is very simple thanks to the ASIMON360 configuration software. The Euchner EKS electronic key system allows access to be restricted to authorized groups of persons.

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Selection of Mode of Safe Operation

Today's complex machines need the ability in certain situations to permit an operating mode at reduced speed or without monitoring of certain protective devices. This is now possible using so-called “Selection of Mode of Safe Operation.”


Bihl+Wiedemann makes it possible to easily implement Selection of Mode of Safe Operation up to PLe, with maximum convenience for the end user over a standard HMI. The access authorization for safe operating mode selection is supported via the Euchner EKS electronic key system.

Principle of the Selection of Mode of Safe Operation

The operating mode can be safely selected and activated using a standard HMI such as a touch panel. Access to this selection is restricted to the authorized group of persons by the Euchner EKS electronic key system.

Safe Procedure

  • Displayed are the operating modes which can be activated with the current authorization.
  • Clicking on an activatable operating mode pre-selects it.
  • The pre-selection verified by the Safety Monitor is shown to the user for confirmation.
  • Confirming the pre-selection by clicking on it safely activates the corresponding operating mode in the Safety Monitor.

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Individual Representation

  • User-friendly operating mode selection, uses freely programmable GUI on standard HMI 
  • Individual visualization of the system, its components and the respective selected operating mode
  • Detailed diagnostics over OPC UA, can be tailored to the respective application

Simple Configuration in ASIMON360

  1. Activation of the Selection of Mode of Safe Operation in the ASi master
  2. Allocation of the selectable operating modes to a maximum of five different electronic key levels (for EKS)
  3. Unrestricted use of the MSO (Mode of Safe Operation) module within the safety configuration


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Simple Integration

  • Simple to integrate via ASi Safety at Work

  • Integration and full support of the Euchner EKS (Electronic Key System) over the fieldbus
  • Communication with the HMI via OPC UA (or fieldbus)

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