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Safety Components

Safety Monitor

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The Safety Monitor enables safe transmission and processing of safety-relevant data from safety input modules and safe shut-off of safety output modulesremotely over ASi right where the potentially hazardous motion takes place. The Safety Monitor is always PLe compliant.


Bihl+Wiedemann offers the Safety Monitor for ASi Safety at Work as a stand-alone device to expand existing ASi networks with safety modules. For new systems, we can provide ASi-3 resp. ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor and interfaces for the most commonly used automation systems. This presents the most efficient method for safely constructing one or two ASi networks at the same time. Employing our "Safe Link" over Ethernet, a technology to connect multiple Gateways safely over Ethernet/Profinet, even large applications with up to 1922 safety I/Os can be implemented.

For small applications with three or more safe signals, you should consider the Safety Basic Monitor, a compact safety controller without gateway but with configurable status outputs, the module allows for universal expansion and is the ideal control station for special safety applications.

Safety I/O Modules

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Bihl+Wiedemann offers the right module to collect and process any safety input signal. Both enclosure-mount (IP20) and field-mount(IP67) modules are available. From a single safety input or output to safety multi-I/O modules we offer the right ASi module for your requirementes. Many of our modules also include conventional outputs for non-safe signals.

Active Distributors ASi Safety

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Active distributors ASi Safety from Bihl+Wiedemann allow you to make any safety sensor, safety push-button or switch AS-Interface capable. Even modules without their own ASi terminal can be easily integrated into an existing ASi network using these active distributors ASi Safety. Other features include individually configurable connection options using M8 or M12 connectors, flying leads or push-in terminals to conform to the customer’s application, as well as a compact form factor, making them ideal for use in cable ducts.

Safety Contact Expansion Modules

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To extend wear-free electronic outputs into floating relay contacts, we offer slim 22.5mm wide expansion modules with one or two 4-channel relays and EDM feedback contacts.


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Bihl+Wiedemann offers a range of control and signal devices based on an innovative enclosure. The E-Stop switch module features a safety ASi input module, and is available with bicolor illumination. Illumination control depends either on the position of the E-Stop actuator or is controlled by the PLC.


The E-Stop is designed to mount onto 40mm extruded rail, but can also be attached using a mounting clip. The ASi connection is made by using a convenient M12 connection. Bihl+Wiedemann also offers various other control and signal devices in the same enclosure.

Speed Monitors

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Using a speed monitor, Bihl+Wiedemann offers a simple method for safely processing sine/cosine or HTL signals from rotary encoders, enabling a safe limit speed for setup operation. Each speed monitor processes two rotational axes, and is incorporated into the control feedback circuit using our adapters and cables. The actual control process is never affected.

Safety Analog Modules

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The ASi Safety Input Module for analog inputs from Bihl+Wiedemann monitors two analog signals with 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V or Pt100. The module provides a safe signal if the current input vale is within the defined and adjustable safety range. The two inputs can be analyzed as one safe 2-channel input (up to SIL 3).