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Bihl+Wiedemann offers a range of control and signal devices based on an innovative enclosure. The E-STOP switch module features a safety ASi input module and is available with 2-colour illumination – either depending on the actuator position or as specified by the controller.


The E-STOP is designed for extruded rail mount (40mm), but can also be individually attached using a mounting clip. The ASi connection is made conveniently using an M12 connection. Bihl+Wiedemann also offers various other control and signal devices in the same enclosure.



  • E-STOP button modules
  • Light button modules
  • E-STOP buttons
Figure Switches/Buttons Lighted Mounting method Article No.
BW2773E-STOP button modulered/green2 holes for screw mounting
BW2529E-STOP button modulered/greenretaining clip
BW2709E-STOP button modulered/greenmagnet
BW2585E-STOP button modulenoretaining clip
BW3159light button modulered/green2 holes for screw mounting
BW2528light button modulered/greenretaining clip
BW2708light button modulered/greenmagnet
BW3474light button modulewhite/blue2 holes for screw mounting
BW3475light button moduleyellow/blue2 holes for screw mounting
BW3478light button modulewhite/blueretaining clip
BW2527E-STOP buttonnomounting diameter 22,3 mm, plug-in-shoe connection