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ASi Motor Module for Interroll EC5000 AI

AS-Interface helps you achieve many different types of motor control applications. The advantages of ASi are particularly evident in conveyor applications: reduced wiring, easy installation, high flexibility and low costs.


Bihl+Wiedemann is now extending its wide range of drive solutions – with the ASi motor module for Interroll EC5000 AI.

Efficient Control of 24 V Interroll EC5000 AI Rollers

Customer driven developments are a particular strength of Bihl+Wiedemann. The new motor module for Interroll EC5000 AI is no exception to this rule. It is designed for efficient control of 20 W and 35 W motors with a voltage of 24 V. The module allows you to control the two rollers, i.e., to change the rotation direction and speeds of the motors. Two aditional digital inputs enable direct connection of sensors, such as light barriers for controlling a conveyor system.

Fig.: ASi Motor Module for Interroll EC5000 AI, 24 V, 20 W/35 W (BWU4205)

All signals on one cable

AS-Interface gives you besides the ability to control motors, to transmit other standard or safety signals over the same cable. This reduces the wiring efforts and can minimize costs.

ASi Motor Module for Interroll EC5000 AI in detail:

  • 2 × 24 V motorized rollers Interroll EC5000 AI with 20 W/35 W
  • 2 × digital inputs for additional sensors
  • Mixed input/output slave
  • Convenient parameterization via Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites
  • Speed setting over ASi parameter
  • Protection category IP67

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