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ASi Control Tools360

The Bihl+Wiedemann software ASi Control Tools360 simplifies the addressing, configuration and commissioning of standard hardware. ASi Control Tools360 are suitable for performing live diagnostics of configured and detected devices in the ASi circuit. The software can be used for configuration, programming as well as for ASi diagnostics of ASi masters and ASi gateways.


Integrated Hardware Catalogue

ASi Control Tools360 now also include an integrated hardware catalogue comprising the entire product range of Bihl+Wiedemann. All you need to do is click on the device you need when configuring the ASi circuit. Its respective settings will open automatically.

ASi Control Tools360 - Included in Three Software Packages

ASi Control Tools360 are included in the software package BW2902. We recommend ASIMON360 for safety applications: ASi Control Tools360 are fully integrated into our safety software. ASIMON360 is included in the software packages BW2916 and BW3065.

Software for Gateways and Safety Components

Figure Type

Software to perform a release measurement or independent troubleshooting and preventative diagnostics on a system.

Diagnostic Software

Software to configure safe hardware, to create a safety configuration and to put it into operation.


Software to test an existing ASIMON360 configuration on simulated hardware.

ASIMON360 Simulation

Software for addressing, configuring and implementing of


non-safety hardware and for simple live diagnostics of planned and


detected devices in the ASi network.

  • yes : ASi Control Tools360 software as stand alone version
  • yes (integrated ): all functions of ASi Control Tools360 software are integrated directly into the ASIMON360.
  • Legacy Version : ASi Control Tools software (legacy version) as stand alone version.
    The legacy version does not offer a hardware catalog! It is recommended to use the ASi Control Tools360 with hardware catalog (BW2902) .

ASi Control Tools360
Cable Installation options Article No.
BW2916Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suiteyesyesyesyes (integrated)nosingle-user license or floating license
BW3065Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suiteyesyes, service version onlyyesyes (integrated)nosingle-user license or floating license
BW2902Bihl+Wiedemann Suiteyesnonoyesnosingle-user license or floating license



Online Bus Information

The online bus information enables you to easily address slaves, and monitor their live inputs and outputs. This function makes it even easier to integrate IO-Link sensors into your ASi network.

ASi Control Tools360 Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials will help you use the ASi Control Tools360 software and show you further tips for easy application. They are immediately available for registered users.

Advantages of the ASi Control Tools360 Software

  • Integrated Hardware catalogue for simple product configuration
  • Commissioning wizard guides you step by step through the addressing process
  • User catalogue to create your own templates
  • Easy connection to the IO-Link configuration tool
  • Simplified ASi circuit diagnostics: Errors can be identified at a glance thanks to easy-to-understand symbols; with precise description and concrete hints for rectification
  • This helps you diagnose inputs, set outputs and perform live modifications to parameters

Safety Monitor Simulator

Bihl+Wiedemann's Safety Suite includes the safety monitor simulator. It enables the testing of existing ASIMON360 configurations on simulated hardware.