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Webinar: Configuration of an ASi-5 Network

Configuration of an ASi-5 Network



04/21/2020 | 4:00 pm (45 min.)


Denys Serha


ASi-5 paves the way to the smart factory: Larger data volumes can now be transmitted significantly faster. You can also easily integrate and configure various intelligent IO-Link devices with up to 32 bytes of process data. Discover the versatile possibilities of ASi-5. Participate free of charge in our ASi-5 webinar on 04/21/2020, 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm.


 Webinar overview

In our webinar you will learn the following

  • What the technological basics of ASi and ASi-5 are

  • How easy it is to configure an ASi-5 network

  • How you can integrate ASi-5 in the PROFINET world

  • How to transfer sensor data to the cloud via our ASi-5 Gateways using OPC UA

  • How you benefit from our ASi-5 gateways in terms of diagnostics and remote maintenance thanks to the integrated web server