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Material Handling and Drive technology using the modules for Lenze Smart Motors

LIP Bygningsartikler saves now 22% of the total cost on their conveyor modules thanks to an ASi solution from Bihl+Wiedemann. Each module and the complete system is connected through an ASi network with integrated safety from Bihl+Wiedemann. New conveyor modules can be added simply without additional wiring from the main PLC.

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Cost savings in horizontal transport

Material handling and drive technology – Lenze Smart Motor

The AS-Interface fieldbus communication has long been established in material handling . Countless companies are benefiting from the easy installation, high flexibility and low costs of ASi; in both the installation of the application and the maintenance work. Bihl+Wiedemann manufactures special modules for controlling Lenze Smart Motors which provide a suitable solution for many different applications.


The decentralized control of the 3-phase motors offers more flexibility compared to conventional systems – both in terms of planning and the subsequent expansion of application structures .

Main features

  • Separate mounting, simple maintenance 
  • Reliable use at extreme temperatures up to -30 °C
  • Connections for up to 3 sensors in one module 
  • Control of up to 5 speeds 
  • Simple connection of the Lenze Smart Motor via M12 sockets or pre-assembled cables
  • Transmission of standard and safety signals via the same cable 
  • Optimal connection to the PLC via all common fieldbus systems 
  • Depending on the desired type of installation, different module versions are available for controlling the Lenze Smart Motor

Modules for controlling Lenze Smart Motors

Material handling and drive technology – a modular system

The conveyor belt is combined into a single product

  • Allows pre-assembly and testing of the conveyor belt before final assembly 
  • Fast and error-free assembly and disassembly 
  • Reduction of development costs in the project planning phase 
  • Reduction of the size of the control cabinet due to fewer components

Cost savings

  • Easy integration of the drive to the PLC 
  • Optimal cabling for motors and sensors 
  • Easy control of start/stop, rotation direction and velocity variation 
  • Easy and fast installation system

Optimized for Screw mounting or DIN rail mounting

  • Control of up to 5 speeds 
  • Connections for up to 3 sensors 
  • LEDs for direct on-site spontaneous diagnostics 
  • Protection category IP67 
  • Diagnostics functions for the connected Lenze Smart Motor 
  • Connection of motors and sensors via 4 x M12 sockets, 5 poles

Diagnostic and individual control of each Lenze Smart Motor

  • Connection to the PLC via ASi Gateways for all common fieldbus systems 
  • Plain text display and LEDs for direct on-site spontaneous diagnostics 
  • Optionally with integrated Safety Monitor 
  • Optionally with Ethernet diagnostic interface and integrated web server for remote maintenance
  • Up to 62 Lenze Smart Motors for each ASi network

Maximum flexibility

  • Simple installation/deinstallation due to the profile cable and piercing technology
  • Free topology, for example: star, linear, tree or ring
  • 2-wire profile cable protected against polarity reversal
  • Contact pins always penetrate vertically into the profile cable to guarantee optimal contacting

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