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AS-Interface and IO-Link

A perfect pair on the field level

Meaningful Coexistence

The need is growing to incorporate intelligent IO-Link sensors into AS-Interface – especially in exactly the location where they are needed. IO-Link Masters from Bihl+Wiedemann make this possible. Both systems supplement each other ideally: IO-Link with its point-to-point wiring and ASi as a bus system .

Jochen Bihl explains why ASi and IO-Link are ideal partners on the field level. With ASi / IO-Link modules by Bihl+Wiedemann you can incorporate intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators into ASi – right where they are located.
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Jochen Bihl introduces the ASi-5 Slave/IO Link Master with 4 ports from Bihl+Wiedemann. The ASi-5 slave can transmit up to 32 bytes of I/O cyclic data – which fits IO-Link perfectly. By default the modules transmit over AS-i a total of 8 bytes – 2 bytes per port – in 1.27 ms.

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Integrating IO-Link into an AS-Interface Network

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  • The IO-Link Master is incorporated into the ASi network as an ASi slave
  • IO-Link devices can be integrated into the ASi network together with standard sensors / actuators and safety components
  • Process data from the IO-Link sensors, such as exceeding a switching threshold, are made available via the cyclical ASi communication
  • Diagnostics information available over ASi from IO-Link

Our IO-Link Masters Have Better Interoperability

Our IO-Link Masters – with 4 IO-Link Class A ports (model BWU2853) or with 4 Class B IO-Link ports (BWU3020) – are an ideal match for the IO-Link products from many manufacturers, including binary actuators and sensors as well as analog sensors.

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Flexible connection options for sensors as well as actuators with external voltage supply thanks to Class A and Class B IO-Link Masters.

  • Interoperability with IO-Link products from many manufacturers
  • 4 x IO-Link Masters with IP67 protection
  • 2 single slaves in one housing
  • IO-Link Class A ( BWU2853 ) or IO-Link Class B ( BWU3020 )
  • IO-Link ports powered from AUX ( BWU2853) or ASi ( BWU3020 )
  • M12 sockets for connecting sensors and actuators
  • Use IO-Link to attach IO-Link sensors and actuators to the controller, including distance sensors or valve terminals

Integrating the IO-Link Master Using our Configuration Tool

  • Simply access the IODD (IO Device Description) using the IO-Link configurator in ASIMON360
  • Graphic support for configuring the connected sensors 
  • Single parameters can be read or written to the IO-Link sensor over the ASi bus

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Configuring an IO-Link Sensor over the ASi Network

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  • Two convenient ways to configure IO-Link sensors – either from the PLC down to the sensor or using the ASIMON360 IO-Link configurator
  • Replace sensors with no tedious parameter downloading – IO-Link device parameters are stored directly in the IO-Link Master module 
  • Simple module replacement – data can be read from the sensor and saved back to the IO-Link Master

Advantages of the ASi / IO-Link Combination

  • Optimal granularity – IO-Link Masters can be installed and easily retrofitted right where they are needed
  • Free choice of topologies
  • Reduced cabling effort and expense, since all the data are on a single (ASi) cable – data from standard sensors, intelligent sensors and safety devices
  • Comprehensive machine diagnostics is available – for all higher automation levels and Industry 4.0 applications
  • The integrated OPC UA server allows ASi masters to provide the process and diagnostics data in structured form and regardless of the controller brand

ASi-5 Slave/IO-Link Master

Paul Werge, Product Manager at Bihl+Wiedemann presents the new ASi-5 Slave/IO-Link Master at Hanover Fair 2019. The new ASi-5 Slave/IO-Link Master is able to integrate any IO-Link devices into ASi.


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