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ASi-5 Digital Modules for Control Cabinets

Our ASi-5 digital I/O modules have moved to the control cabinet. From now on, they are not only available in IP67 but also in IP20. Two module versions are immediately available with digital inputs: one with 16 inputs (BWU3874) and one with 8 inputs (BWU3873).


High I/O density, low overhead costs

Our ASi-5 digital modules now enable cost-efficient and fast collection of numerous inputs and outputs in the field. In many cases, there is no more need for Ethernet-based field modules, thus significantly reducing overhead costs. Our digital modules are particularly suited for system sections with additional demands on speed, data volume or I/O density.


Parallel use of ASi-5 and ASi-3 slaves

ASi-5 is compatible with earlier ASi devices and components. To use ASi-5 slaves and ASi-3 slaves together in an ASi network, you only need one Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5/ASi-3 gateway.

Fig.: ASi-5 digital modules in IP20 (left: BWU3873, right: BWU3874)

ASi-5 Digital Module in detail:

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