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Diagnostic Software with new Functions

Our easy to use diagnostic software allows you to troubleshoot both standard ASi networks and ASi Safety at Work . Now you can see the status of the safe components in chronological sequence. Using the update function in the software customers having the corresponding license can now download the current version.

Greatly expanded information and solution suggestions

Profit from expanded, specific error information and suggested remedies. Here we have implemented many suggestions made by our customers. The information and solutions are presented clearly in a software mask. This means that now the software provides even inexperienced ASi users with direct “help for self-help“ for errors occurring during the check. For additional help you can also send the test results directly to Bihl+Wiedemann support at the click of a button.

Fig.: The "Error" tab provides in the diagnostic software a specific error message, a detailed description and an easy to understand remedy for eliminating the error.

Circular buffer facilitates troubleshooting

Our new circular buffer is especially helpful when it comes to sporadically occurring errors. With it you can now for the first time take continuous measurements from the past 24 hours (or fewer) over a period of up to a week.

Detailed test report for acceptance procedures

ASi networks are highly robust, and run errors are definitely the exception. But our diagnostics software also provides a valuable function in acceptance procedures . With it you can check the installation for any faults prior to delivery. As part of the release measurement a detailed test report including documentation in PDF format is automatically generated.

Our diagnostics software at a glance

  • Assess the bus information and electrical inspection of voltage, current and symmetry as well as configuration, peripheral and telegram errors– varies according to the master
  • Troubleshoot standard ASi networks plus ASi Safety at Work including Safe Link
  • Specific information and suggested remedies for numerous types of errors as “help for self-help” even for inexperienced ASi users
  • Circular buffer enables continuous tests and recording of the most current data (last minute up to the last 24 hours)
  • Test report including documentation of the ASi installation (of the ASi gateway and all connected slaves)
  • The diagnostics software is contained in the software packages ( BW2902 and BW2916 ) of Bihl+Wiedemann

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