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ASi bus system

The ASi bus system consists of four components: the ASi master , an ASi power supply , the yellow ASi cable , and the ASi slaves .


The sensors and actuators are connected directly to the ASi cable using the piercing technology. This is a two-conductor, unshielded cable which carries power as well as the functional and safety signals. No cumbersome parallel wiring is necessary.


The AS-Interface standard was expanded in 2012, so that in addition to the cable with a conductor cross-section of 1.5mm2 there is also one with increased rated current capacity (2.5mm2 cross-section).


The ASi master organizes data communication in the network and as a gateway establishes the connection between the ASi network and the higher level controller. It is treated by the higher level fieldbus as a fieldbus slave. Incorporating an ASi network into an existing fieldbus or ethernet system is thus no more complicated than integrating any other I/O module.

ASi bus addressing

ASi bus addressing is done either directly by the master or using an ASi bus addressing device. Up to 62 slaves can be addressed on one master.

ASi addressing cable

The ASi addressing cable ( BW1935 ) is a required accessory for signal transmission between the ASi handheld addressing device and an ASi module with infrared interface for addressing. The TTL signals from the addressing device are converted into optical signals for the ASi module and vice-versa. The ASi addressing cable is connected to the ASi addressing device using the M12 connector and to the ASi module using the infrared head.

Connection cable

The connection cable ( BW1802 ) is used for addressing ASi slaves .

ASi bus components

An ASi bus system consists of four components: the ASi master , the ASi slave , the ASi power supply and the ASi cable . Each slave has a unique address assigned to it which is used for exchanging in- and output data with the master. The modules can be quickly installed or moved thanks to the piercing technology of the ASi cable.

AS-Interface cable (ASi cable)

The ASi bus cable transmits power and data on two conductors.

AS-Interface power supply (ASi power supply)

The ASi bus power supply provides 30 V to the ASi network.

AS-Interface slave (ASi slave)

The ASi bus slave reports to the master its input data and receives the output data, has its own address and up to four in- and outputs.

AS-Interface master (ASi master)

The ASi master connects sensors and actuators to the host controller through the ASi slaves.

Communication interfaces between a fieldbus system and ASi gateway

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