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AS-Interface Modules

I/O Modules

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Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide variety of ASi modules, all of which are compatible with the current ASi-3 resp. ASi-5 standard. These are equipped with a varying number of inputs and outputs, offering the right module for every application. Special requirements such as sensors powered by ASi or external voltage (AUX) are never a problem. The large selection of analog modules reflects the commitment to offering the right module for any application or analog signal. Of particular interest are high-resolution 16-bit analog modules or modules for exceptionally fast transmission of analog values.

ASi Modules with integrated IO-Link Masters

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With the ASi modules with integrated IO-Link masters from Bihl+Wiedemann intelligent IO-Link sensors and actuators can now be easily incorporated into ASi – exactly there, where they are needed. The IO-Link sensors can be easily parametrized using the configuration tool from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Active Distributors ASi

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Active distributors ASi from Bihl+Wiedemann allow you to make any sensor or actuator AS-Interface capable. Even modules without their own ASi terminal can be easily integrated into an existing ASi network using these active distributors ASi. Other features include individually configurable connection options using M8 or M12 connectors, flying leads or push-in terminals to conform to the customer’s application, as well as a compact form factor, making them ideal for use in cable ducts.

Circuit board modules

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Circuit board modules enable sensor and actuator OEMs to easily design ASi solutions by using a fully engineered and certified ASi module board that can be directly integrated in the device. Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide range of PCB modules, available with various connection options as well as potted or unpotted. Upon request, Bihl+Wiedemann can even offer cost-effective modified versions or new developments based on our flexible kit system.

Building automation

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The benefits of AS-Interface such as the simple cost-saving installation and the high degree of flexibility are now established advantages in building automation. Numerous companies are already using the ASi installation system to control fire and smoke dampers, shutter drives, and heating and cooling ceilings using different modules, e.g. analog output modules. Damper drives with flow regulators can be connected to the PLC through the MP-Gateway. It is also possible to process EnOcean signals from wireless pushbuttons and sensors over ASi. During the planning and application implementation phase of your project, we can be at your side and will gladly provide application-specific solutions.

Specialties / Function modules

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Special requirements usually demand special function modules. Bihl+Wiedemann's product offering has the right standard solutions for you, such as ASi/ASi couplers or high-speed counter modules. Naturally, we can also provide custom solutions for you application. We recommend discussing your requirements with one of our specialists.

Switches / buttons

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Bihl+Wiedemann offers a range of control and signaling devices based on innovative housings. Standard products are available from stock. Upon request, a housing with one or two openings can also be equipped with any of the common control and signaling devices (lights, buttons, illuminated buttons, key switches, selector switches, E-Stops, etc.) The control and signaling devices are designed to mount onto 40mm extruded rail, but can also be attached using a mounting clip. The ASi connection is made by using a convenient M12 connection. For safety applications we also offer a safe ASi E-STOP switch module.

Drive solutions

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ASi makes full use of its strength in material handling technology. The motor modules for roller drives from Bihl+Wiedemann allow 24V motors to be controlled directly through ASi without the need for an additional control device. The speed of any drive roller can be controlled from a central location. The modules also use the braking energy of the rollers. Module inputs detect signals from sensors installed along the conveyer.


In addition to motor modules, Bihl+Wiedmann also provides remote solutions for controlling VFDs, an essential prerequisite for implementing modern system structures.