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BWU3523ASi Digital Input Module, IP67, M12, 8I


Product description

ASi Digital Input Module in IP67, with 8 x M12 sockets, 8 digital inputs, dual (Y) wiring, input voltage/sensor supply out of ASi, periphery connection via 8 x M12 sockets, 5 poles, ASi connection via profile cable and piercing technology, 2 AB slaves (S-0.A.7.2).

The substructure module is not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data

Type IP67, 8 x M12
Model -
Configurable I/O‘s

Port class A: In this type, Pin 2 is assigned with an additional digital input.

Port class B: This type provides additional supply voltage and is suitable for the connection of devices that have an increased power demand. In this case, pins 2 and 5 are used to provide additional (galvanically isolated) supply voltage.

Configurability: The C/Q connections may be used for IO-Link configuration or as digital input/output signal.

Sensor supply (IO-Link supply and input/output supply)

IO-Link and additional inputs/outputs are supplied by ASi or by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power). If supplied by ASi, inputs can neither be connected to earth nor to external potential.

Actuator supply (for IO-Link ports class B)

Connection via M12: For IO-Link ports class B the supply of actuators is provided by an additional (galvanically isolated) power supply by AUX (auxiliary 24 V power) via Pin 2 (P24) and Pin 5 (N24).

Connection via clamps: If connected IO-Link slaves with IO-Link ports class B need a higher current consumption, additionally they can be supplied directly via the power supply.

M8/M12 wiring

either as a single–wiring, Y–wiring or mixed-wiring.


M12 (5 poles)
M8 (3 poles)
Single wiring


dual (Y)
IO-Link data rate

COM1 = 4.8 kBaud

COM2 = 38.4 kBaud

COM3 = 230.4 kBaud (optional according to Specification V1.0)


An IO-Link device supports only one of the defined data transmission rates.

According to Specification V1.1, the IO-Link master supports all data transmission rates and adapts itself automatically to the data transmission rate supported by the device.

IO-Link specification -

PUR line, oil resistant. Further connection options are available on request.

      M12 socket M12 cable socket, angled  M12 cable socket, straight   M8 cable socket, straight   round cable/connecting wires     profile cable branch          push in terminals
       2 x round cables/connecting wires 2,5 mm²

8 x M12 sockets, 5 poles
ASi connection

The connection to ASi as well to AUX (auxiliary 24 V power) is made via yellow resp. black ASi profile cable with piercing technology or via M12 socket (in IP20 via clamps).

Line protection: If the module is supplied via a M12 connection with A or B coding, it may only be used with a current load of max. 4 A per pin in acc. with IEC 61076-2-101 and IEC 61076-2-109. A fused tap is recommended. There is no such limitation for modules supplied via piercing contacts.

ASi profile cable
ASi address

AB Slave (max. 62 AB Slaves/ASi network), 2 AB Slaves (max. 31 modules with 2 AB Slaves), Single Slaves (max. 31 Single Slaves/ASi network), ASi-5 Slave (max. 62 ASi-5 Slaves/ASi network), mixed use allowed.
For modules with two slaves the second slave is turned off as long as the first slave is addressed to address "0".
Upon request, slaves are available with specific ASi Slave profiles.

2 AB Slaves

The product has earned the following certifications: