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The new ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming Device from Bihl+Wiedemann

  • BW4708
  • Supports ASi modules of any generation, incl. ASi-5 3
  • Optimized for simple addressing without additional mobile terminal devices
  • Six solidly designed keys for simple operation
  • Modern OLED color display Standard USB-C port for power supply and as PC interface
  • Modern power storage (supercapacitors) for fast charging and longer lifespan
    • Charging time: fully charged in ca. 30 min, sufficient for 120read/write operations, already 10 min of charging are sufficient to allocate 70 ASi addresses (e.g. AB, single, ASi-5)
    • Ready for use even after months of storage thanks to low self-discharge

More information

New 30 V Power Supply Generation for ASi-5

Bihl+Wiedemann will soon be using a newly developed 30 V power supply generation. This has been especially designed for ASi-5 communication and is therefore ideal for mixed ASi-5/ASi-3 applications.


The new product family of 30 V power supplies from Bihl+Wiedemann includes the following article numbers:

30 V Power Supply, 4 A

  • 1 phase, 100 ... 240 V AC (BW4218)

30 V Power Supply, 8 A

  • 1 phase, 100 ... 240 VAC (BW4219)
  • 3 phases, 400 ... 500 VAC (BW4220)

30 V Power Supply 16 A

  • 1 phase, 100 ... 240 VAC (BW4221)
  • 3 phases, 400 ... 500 VAC (BW4222)

30 V Power Supply, 3 A

  • 1 phase, 100 W (BW4223)
  • suitable for NEC class 2 networks

Advantages of the new Power Supplies

Seamless ASi-5

All new power supplies have been optimized and extensively tested for use with ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways. This ensures that the power supplies guarantee seamless ASi-5 communication. Interference, which is common in power supplies, is reduced to a minimum in areas relevant to ASi-5.


The 30 V power supplies are less expensive than previous ASi power supplies – mainly because data decoupling is now integrated as standard in our ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways. This means that a separate decoupling is automatically available for each ASi circuit and one power supply can simultaneously supply several ASi circuits. This also saves you from having to use separate circuit breakers for each ASi circuit.


The new 30 V power supplies are clearly more compact compared to special ASi power supplies because they no longer contain any decoupling coils. The new power supplies are also stackable, which means that they do not require any free space on the left and right. This frees up additional space in the switching cabinet.



Detailed diagnostics
in the Gateway

The 30 V power supplies – in combination with the ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways – enable continuous monitoring of the power supply currents and voltages of your ASi installation. The OPC UA server of the gateway enables seamless connection to cloud services, such as predictive maintenance.

ASi-5 self-configuring I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann

Bihl+Wiedemann's Choice:
The following modules are recommended for use together with ASi-5 self-configuring I/O modules:

  • IP67 ASi-5 modules


  • 8 resp.16 digital inputs/outputs with ASi-5 in 1,27 ms, e.g. to link 12 distance sensors and four valves in a packaging machine

  • Self-configuring (their functional use can be changed without the use of additional software)

  • Detailed channel-specific diagnostics (e.g an output short circuit or overload on the sensor)

  • Individually readable state of the outputs Inexpensive digital outputs

  • Maximum flexibility (using the same module for different applications)  and cost efficiency (70% less wiring costs)


Drive Solutions

Here you can find more details about the drive solutions mentioned in the table:

ASi-5/ASi-3 Feldbus Gateways