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A great deal of our ASi expertise is applied to providing you with the best possible configuration tools for ASi Masters and Safety Monitors. The PC-based ASi Control Tools360 clearly organize all important test and configuration options for your ASi network. ASIMON360 is the right configuration software for ASi Safety at Work. With this software you can easily design ASi configurations directly on the computer with multi-window interfaces.


The Software for diagnostics, service and approval measurements can be operated intuitively and allows  PC-assisted measurement using existing hardware (Bihl+Wiedemann ASi Master and connection cable). It assists the machine/systems builder in performing approval measurement and prophylactic troubleshooting. It also assists the end user  in executing preventive maintenance as well as a fast and independent fault elimination. Alternatively,  analysis data can be sent to our technical support. Based on this information, our technical support can provide fast and reliable assistance regarding problem handling. Control III allows you to turn an ASi Master into a mini-PLC. Software programs developed in C enable data preprocessing directly in the Gateway. In many applications the Gateway can also be used as a stand-alone device, completely omitting the need for a PLC. Our Ethernet-based devices also come with a web server enabling PC-remote diagnostics and maintenance without installing any software.

The Bihl+Wiedemann Suite (BW2902) and the Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suite (BW2916, BW3065) are two software packages used for commissioning, configuring and diagnosing ASi networks.


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Product overview

ASIMON360 enables simple and intuitive hardware configuration, addressing, configuration and commissioning of ASi Safety Networks.

ASi Control Tools360

Product overview

The Bihl+Wiedemann software ASi Control Tools360 simplifies addressing, configuration and commissioning of standard hardware.

Diagnostic Software

Product overview

The diagnostic software quickly detects and describes faults in standard ASi networks and in ASi safety networks.

The PROFINET Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFINET Slaves of many suppliers.

PROFINET Master Simulator

Product overview

The PROFINET Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFINET Slaves of many suppliers.